5 things to know before moving to Boca Raton

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Moving is exciting and at the same time scary. You will be living in entirely different environment and away from all your comfort zones. If you are considering moving or relocating in Boca, I'm sure that in no time you would be feeling much more at home. We listed down 5 things that we think you need to know to make your move and transition to Boca as easy as possible. What's not there to love?              


1. Beach

The beach is one of the many beautiful things that this place has to offer. Every day you get to appreciate the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the busiest parts of town as well especially during summer. My tip for you, get to the beach before 10am during summer or you'll find it very difficult to find a comfortable spot.

2.Topography & Weather

Boca Raton is an essentially flat land and most areas are near bodies of water. Although the place is quite susceptible to hurricane during hurricane season, most of the structures here are built with that in mind making it less susceptible to extensive damage. Autumn and spring are rather pleasant. During summer, the weather here is usually hot, oppressive, wet, and mostly cloudy while in the winter you'll find it to be humid, windy, and mostly clear.

3. Traffic

Through the years , there has been a lot of projects done to relive the traffic conditions in Boca. Things are turning up pretty good for the traffic since projects on I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike are almost done and are expected to relieve chronic congestion in areas like Glades Road. Boca drivers are pretty "disciplined" drivers on the street and not much like the crazy drivers that you get to encounter in other major cities.


One of the few cities that has an airport, inlet, hospital, and sports stadium. Almost every facility that you need to live a comfortable life can be found here in Boca. Business facilities and recreational facilities alike.

5.Job & employment

The local unemployment rate in Boca is relatively low. It runs at an average of 2.8%. This is because of the various business that can be found all around the city. These businesses present people living in Boca a wide range of job opportunities and the possibly of career growth in the long run.

It's hard not to like Boca with all the things that it has to offer. The most beautiful landscaping, homes and beaches. What's not to love? I feel fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you are interested in finding your perfect home in Boca Raton. Do not hesitate to call me. I would be glad to show you around and help you find the home that's perfect for you. Contact me today.