5 Quick Tips in Effectively Staging a Home

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Most home buyers start their search for a new home online. This means that the pictures they see online are the things that give them their first impression of the house that eventually leads them to request for a showing and hopefully buying that house. Staging gives the homes that extra push  to make them more appealing to buyers visually. Here are some quick tips on how to stage a home effectively and efficiently:
1.Start from the curb- Take pride in giving the house that nice and finished look. Once a buyer  that saw your house online decided to drop by and check the house, first thing that they will notice is the its curb appeal. Make sure to take out the weeds, mow the grass and remove all unsightly things in front of the house to make it more inviting to home buyers.
2.Create the feel of a modern and spacious bathroom. Cleaning counter would be one of the most helpful and cheapest way to achieve a spacious bathroom. Make sure cleaning products are not in sight. Dated tiles can be fixed by repainting. Check for minor updates like worn & leaking taps, light fittings and towel bars. Most importantly the bathroom has to be immaculately clean from top to bottom.
3.Make the master bedroom fabulously serene. This room appeals to both sexes so you better make sure that this is staged perfectly. It has to have that feel of making you want to come home and relax. Choose to have the walls painted with neutral colors. Take out anything that is distracting to the eye. Make the bed the main focus of the room. Consider placing it opposite of a beautiful large window if you have one. Ideally you should be able to walk around it. Make sure the bed is made up all the time.
4. Put together a living room that is homely and at the same time inviting. Home buyers will look into how cozy and spacious a living room is because if they decide to buy the house, this is where they would invite family and friends to get together. Check out furniture layouts that will maximize the space in the room. Again, neutral colors would generally be more appealing to most buyers so consider repainting the walls and removing the wall paper, if there are any. If there is a fireplace, give it a good cleaning and scrubbing. Remove the dated brass screen and polish the bricks. Make the fireplace the gem of this room.
5. Bring the best out of the kitchen! Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are still the top things that a home buyer looks into a kitchen. But you don’t have to “break the bank” if the home does not have these feature. There are still a lot of ways to make a kitchen attractive to home buyers. One way is to make sure that the oven and dishwasher are spotless and shining. This is to create the impression of a well kept house. If the kitchen appliances are really in bad shape, consider taking them out and buying new ones. It doesn’t have to be expensive, what matters is that they are clean and new. Instead of replacing old kitchen cabinets, why not try staining them instead. Upgrade by adding stylish hardware. Placing a live place or a vase of flowers can also add that homey appeal to your kitchen.
Staging is a powerful tool that can help you make that sale.It does not have to be expensive to be effective. You just have to be wise in making decisions on where to spend your money to what is more important and what works best for the house. Good decision making and a little imagination should do the trick. If you need more info on this, please don’t hesitate to Contact me.